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Posted by Tim Collins in Green Home, Green Living

Do you know if you’re using the best pest control?

When it comes to pests they can be annoying and tend to make you a little paranoid. For instance, you probably triple check the counter for small ants before placing anything down, or watch where you step to avoid the mice that have been sneaking around your home. It can be tempting to go buy chemical pest control to remove your little problems once and for all, but you may want to think twice about what you use in your home.

Chemical pest control uses pesticides which can be potent and harmful for you and your household. Instead of using chemical pest control, you should use natural pest controls. Natural pest control consists of relatively new materials to control pests. They are safe, long-lasting, and successful compared to chemical controls.

What you choose to use in your home can either benefit or harm you over time.

Remember, it’s not so hard to find low-priced products to use for pest control:

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Neptune’s Harvest Hot Pepper Wax Animal Repellent

Bed Bug Eradicator Bed Bug Spray














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