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Maternity care must-haves

Pregnancy can be both beautiful and a bit overbearing. To survive both the relaxing moments and the stressful ones during eachtrimester, TGSN came up with a list of maternity must-haves:

1. Lotion

You need to use lotion daily to prevent unbearable itchiness that often happens during pregnancy. And to prevent future stretch marks it is recommended to use body butter.

Body butter has the strongest effect on your skin. It can be difficult to find one with a scent that won’t aggregate morning sickness. You can try Earth Mama Angel Baby Body Butter. It is 100% organic and won “Best Stretch Mark Cream” by Natural Solutions Magazine.

2. Morning Sickness Care

Pregnant women have different intensities of morning sickness. Some are barely affected by it while others are doomed for an entire week. Even though it can range, most women need a remedy for the first trimester. Ginger sea-bands are the go-to morning sickness remedy for pregnant women.

3. Aromatherapy

A massage is already a relaxing activity in itself.  Adding lovely-smelling oils to your massage can cause your aching pregnant body to feel and smell wonderful.

Aromatherapy is not for every pregnant body. During pregnancy your body can react differently then it usually does and the oils can cause your body to itch. If you have itchy skin during aromatherapy, don’t worry about your baby, aromatherapy is not harmful to your child during pregnancy.

You can try a pocket sized rollette to take with you anywhere during your pregnancy. You’ll be glad you had it after a long day of moving around.









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