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Do you know the difference between body oil and massage oil?

It can be easy think that just because massage oil and body have the word oil in them means that they can be used the same way, but that’s wrong. Body oil and massage oil are two completely different products that have different effects on our body.

First, let’s talk about how both products consist of carrier oils. Carrier oils are base or vegetable oils that come from plants and are typically pressed from nuts, seeds or kernels. These oils assist in diluting essential oils before the product is applied topically. This means the oils are all 100% organic and are healthy for both inside and outside the body.


Now, what’s the big difference between body oil and massage oil?


Body Oil:

This type of oil was designed to create smooth and silky skin. The rich plant oil is absorbed quickly into damp skin  and leaves a nice aroma afterward. You can also put body oil into the bath for a relaxing experience.


Massage Oil:

This oil have a thicker concentration of carrier oils so it can glide smoothly on the skin Massage oil helps loosen the tension in our body. It was not meant to be used as only body oil.


For all organic body oil use:

Alba Organics Hawaiian Body Oil Kukui Nut

Monoi Tiare Tahiti Coconut Oil Vanilla


 For all organic massage oil use:

Auromere Ayurvedic Massage Oil

Heritage Products Aura Glow Massage Lotion Coconut










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