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Why we should encourage bike lanes in the countryside

In the small island of Nantucket, Massachusetts, there are bike lanes and trails heading in every direction. Individuals from all age groups ride their bikes across the island that’s 47.8 square miles. Due to the perfectly designed bike trails, there is rarely any traffic in Nantucket .

If every place was as planned out as Nantucket, it’d make traveling a lot simpler. But not every place is a small island off the coast of MA. Compared to Nantucket, the country side has little to none bike lanes. That’s because the drives are longer and the land is larger. This may seem like an issue, but it gives the country side a chance to take advantage of the amount of land it has. In contrast to the countryside, most urban areas struggle building bike lanes due to scarce land.

Here’s why the country side should take the next step to being a little greener and healthier by implementing new bike paths:

Easy to fulfill.

In the country side, it is not difficult to find land to pave bike lanes along their already wide roads. Compared to urban areas, where land is scarce and planning takes twice as long, the country side is a perfect place to implement bike lanes.

Staying fit.

Review studies about the health of American countryside and their urban counterparts and you’ll learn that the American countryside is less healthy. To help with this issue, we can create new bike paths to encourage individuals in the countryside to go out and exercise.


Bikes leave a small carbon footprint, unlike cars and trucks. It may be easier for people to use cars in the countryside because journeys are longer, but if they were given the option to ride a bike to a neighbors house..they’d probably choose the bike ride.

Builds a strong local community.

Bike lanes can benefit small businesses in a community. For instance, if bike lanes travel by local businesses, then bikers would be more willing to stop by them to grab a snack from a local business. This supports local businesses and helps communities grow.









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