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Posted by Tim Collins in Health & Wellness

Beware of harmful chemicals in ordinary shampoo, soap, lotions

Another reminder to be aware of what chemicals are in your products. New research shows many of the personal care products sold in ordinary stores are not safe:

NEWTON, Mass. —Buyer beware. Common shampoos, body washes, shaving lotions, and even makeup were all found to contain a potential carcinogen, according to the health and environment watchdog Silent Spring Institute.

“This is an invisible source of toxic chemical exposure,” said Cynthia Luppi, New England director of Clean Water Action.

“You can put pretty much anything into consumer products,” said Ruthann Rudel, toxicologist, chemist and director of research at the Silent Spring Institute.

The chemical of concern that they found is called cocamide diethanolamine, cocamide DEA for short. It’s a chemical made by mixing coconut oil with the organic compound diethanolamine, which makes things foamy and sudsy.

Click here to read the full story – “Potential carcinogen found in Mass. personal care products”


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