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Honey, is it just a sweetener?

Raw honey is an all-natural food that can be used for more than just your tea. This type of honey is unheated, pure and unpasteurized, which preserves all of the natural vitamins found in honey.

Aids in healing wounds

According to studies published by National Institute of  Health, raw honey works as a moisturizer and a simple antibiotic ointment for minor cuts. Oxygen activates an enzyme in honey that forms hydrogen peroxide, a chemical that contains antibacterial enzymes. Apply a small amount of raw honey to your cut with a cotton swab and gently place a Band-Aid over it.

Suppresses coughs

Studies show that over-the-counter cough syrup is not as beneficial as using raw honey. Raw honey coats your throat with a thick layer and it’s sweet taste triggers your throat to be less sensitive to a cough impulse.

Treats burns

The National Institute of Health researched that honey can be used to treat small burns. Raw honey reduces the amount of air contact to the burn, which can cause more pain and infection. It can heal small non-serious burns faster than certain antibiotic ointments.

Maybe bees knew about it’s perks before we did?


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