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Top vitamins for outstanding skin

Your skin is a huge part of your first impression with your colleagues, in-laws, and your future boss. It is the only organ that covers your entire body, so it is pretty hard to miss.  You should be taking care of skin for yourself now and for the future. For your own benefit start by taking or applying these essential vitamins:


Vitamin A

This vitamin has been proven to reduce wrinkles, diminish the look of brown spots, and smooth your rough skin. Group of substances related to vitamin A are also known as retinoids. These can be found in OTC lotions, night creams and prescription products. It is recommended to apply any retinoid cream at night because the sun can prevent vitamin A from fully functioning. If you are just starting out, then you should use OTC creams every few days. This allows your skin to become used to the cream. Only a small pea size amount should be used each night.


Vitamin B3

Often called niacinamide on labels, vitamin B3 is best known for reducing redness. It increases the production  of  two key ingredients for your skin’s protective outer barrier, ceramides and fatty acids. Vitamin B3 nourishes those who have dry skin. It helps contain moisture in your skin and prevents irritants from coming in. For best results, apply B3 vitamins in the morning and afternoon.


Vitamin K

Vitamin K and retinol creams have been proven to help fight the dark circles found underneath your eyes. Blood is leaked into your skin by fragile capillaries and causes under-eye circles. After 4 months of use, vitamin K and retinol creams will significantly lighten the skin under your eyes. For best use, apply nightly. If it is your first time using it, then apply once or twice the first week and then slowly increase your use.




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