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Maternity care must-haves

Pregnancy can be both beautiful and a bit overbearing. To survive both the relaxing moments and the stressful ones during eachtrimester, TGSN came up with a list of maternity must-haves: 1. Lotion You need to use lotion daily to prevent unbearable itchiness that often happens…

Posted by Tim Collins in Green Living, Health & Wellness

Yoga Mat: Is it worth owning?

Provides Traction For those of us with slippery or sweaty feet, yoga mats are perfect to keep us in a downward dog without body slamming the floor.   Cleanliness Factor If you keep your yoga mat clean, it will beat using the studio floor. People…

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Have clear, soft skin the organic way

Having clear and healthy looking skin is important, but using harsh cleansers can cause your skin to age faster. So here at TGSN, we wanted YOU to have the best-looking skin this year. These organic face cleansers, toners, and moisturizers can help you achieve healthy…